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Concise Profile college of law

1889 Nihon Law School founded.
The founder was the then Minister of Justice, Count Akiyoshi YAMADA.
Count Kentaro KANEKO, LL.D. (Hon.), later Minister of Justice, installed as First Director.
1898 Degree of Bachelor of Japanese Law instituted.
1903 Named Nihon University.
1904 Department of Political Science established.
1906 First overseas student sent to europe.
1920 Became a university based on the University Ordinance. First admission of female students.
1940 Department of Political Science and Economics established (formerly Department of Political Science).
1947 Department of Journalism established.
1949 Became a university under the new educational system.
1951 Graduate School based on the new school system established.
1964 Department of Business Law established.
Department of Management and Public Administration established.
2009 Department of Public Policy and Affairs (formerly Department of Management and Public Administration) established.
2010 Graduate School of Journalism and Media established.
Graduate School of Intellectual Property established.
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