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Graduate School

Graduate School of Law

By setting social science as a principal subject matter for research, our goal is to analyze and decipher current social phenomena from the viewpoints of law and politics by applying advanced academic theories. At the same time, we will produce academics who have acquired extensive sophistication and abundant professional knowledge; produce top level professionals responsive to social demands; and provide a high level of education for those who already have professions to further their career development.

Master's Program in Public Law

This program offers various subjects connected to public law and develops the ability to understand and apply public law and other related areas. It is designed for those who will one day play an active role in governmental organizations (legislative/executive/judicial), local governments, and international organizations. In addition, this program provides education that is indispensable for those who seek careers as academics specializing in public law or other professional positions in related fields.

Doctoral Program in Public Law

This program provides education specializing in public law and offers instruction on obtaining professional knowledge and on thesis-preparation research for those who seek to become academics or aim at highly professional occupations.

Master's Program in Private Law

This program reviews knowledge acquired through undergraduate study, provides education in which such knowledge can be applied, and develops the professional capacity to legally resolve practical problems. It is designed so that its graduates can play active roles as academics, public servants, licensed tax accountants, or company employees who deal with legal matters. The program will provide education and research opportunities for students to understand the legal system through studies of the historical development of law and research on comparative law; learn and practice methods to interpret law; study case laws and comprehend the law in reality.

Doctoral Program in Private Law

This program produces graduates who will be able to play active roles as academics and who will engage in highly professional work. To help them achieve these goals, the program supports their research on the application of law through studies of the legislative process, increases their knowledge of foreign laws and case studies, and provides instruction on thesis preparation.

Master's Program in Political Science
cal Science helps students develop advanced expertise and original thinking. We seek to educate farsighted professionals and citizens with a deep understanding of political affairs. Our Master's Program in Political Science offers an opportunity to study political thought, political history, political theory, international politics, economic policy, public finance, and so on. In the program, we provide a General Research Course and a Specialized Research Course. Our General Research Course, basically a two-year curriculum, mainly trains students to acquire the professional knowledge necessary to play an active part in the private sector, the public sector, and the international sector. Our Specialized Research Course, on the other hand, is basically a five-year curriculum course including a Doctoral Program for students who want to continue with more specific research. The Division of Political Science also provides a Public Policy Course, which has been opened for reeducation of those who already have professions. Our Public Policy Course, basically a two-year curriculum, offers specialized and advanced education corresponding to the diversity of today's public sector.

Doctoral Program in Political Science

Our Doctoral Program offers more insightful professional training for those who seek to become academics in political science arenas, and at the same time gives instruction in writing dissertations to obtain a doctoral degree. This Doctoral Program also trains students in our Specialized Research Course for the latter three years.

Graduate School of Journalism and Media

While the structural changes of information society caused largely by revolution of digital technology are rapidly going on, a phenomenon of media convergence is emerging in the various journalistic fields. The Graduate School of Journalism and Media is established to pursuit new principles of public interest as well as to build new theories of ethics of journalism and media in the midst of increasing changing globalized community. The graduate school has two purposes to both educate students and train journalistic professionals. In order to accomplish these purposes, the two courses are placed in the graduate school where the faculty is composed of the academics and resident journalists. The Graduate School contributes to improving the quality of journalism as a whole through education and training.

Graduate School of Intellectual Property

The Nihon University Graduate School of Intellectual Property (established in April, 2010) is an independent graduate school which is based on College of Law, and supported by a network of Nihon University. This Graduate School provides students the program to develop legal mind ( law), science mind (technology), business mind (management) and skills of the practice for high‐leveled experts in the intellectual property fields. This Graduate School can accept students widely from almost all the fields such as social science, law, business, physical science, and has evening classes to accept the people working in the day time. Moreover, this Graduate School can accept students from foreign countries.

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