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For almost a century, the College of Law has produced such a large number of graduates who have successfully passed the National Bar Examination that the College of Law has become almost synonymous with Nihon University itself. This tradition is still going strong in our various departments.

The Department of Law teaches law in a systematic way to students who will support Japan’s society over the next generation.

The Department of Political Science and Economics tries to give students a broad knowledge base in order to analyze complicated social phenomena in a political and economical way.

The Department of Journalism educates promising communicators both theoretically and practically.

The Department of Business Law cultivates information-oriented and internationally minded industrial lead-off people.

The Department of Public Policy and Affairs, founded in 2009, provides the expert knowledge and skills required for public servants and employees in the nonprofit sector.

To enable each and every one of our students to make the most of their individual abilities and improve their fundamental skills, we also offer various classes in general subjects like foreign languages and physical education. Our aim is to train human resources with a strong sense of ethics and a high level of insight into human nature and society, who are capable of realizing themselves through creative thought and hard effort, and who can contribute to the well-being of many others.

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